IWDTF Best Paper Award and IWDTF Young Award winners
Awards were presented to the authors of the following presentations.
<IWDTF Best Award>
Atsushi Tamura1, Cheol Hyun An2, Hanjin Lim2, and 1Koji Kita
1The University of Tokyo, Japan, 2 Samsung Electronics, Republic of Korea
“Manipulation of Interfacial Dipole Effect at Perovskite Oxide Heteroepitaxial Interface by Stacking Sequence of Monatomic Layers in LaAlO3”

<IWDTF Young Award>
Rimpei Hasegawa (The University of Tokyo)
“Characterization of Deep Traps in Near-Interface Oxide of Widegap MOS Interfaces Revealed by Light Irradiation and Temperature Change”

Yoshiki Ohata (Nagoya University, Japan)
“Effects of carbon atoms on the reliability of the potassium-ion electret used in vibration-powered generators”

Zeyuan Ni (Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Limited, Japan)
“Phase Control of Heterogeneous HfxZr(1-x)O2 Thin Films by Machine Learning”

Tianning Cui (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
“Independent Effect of Dopant, Oxygen Vacancy and Surface Energy on Crystal Phase of HfO2 Thin Films towards a General Parameter to Engineer the Ferroelectricity”