The 2023 International Workshop on “Dielectric Thin Films for Future Electron Devices: Science and Technology” (IWDTF2023) will be held on Oct. 23 –25, 2023 at Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ishikawa, Japan. The IWDTF started in 1999, based on a domestic annual workshop on ultrathin silicon dioxide films. The IWDTF2023 is the 11th workshop, which will focus on the science and technologies of dielectric films for electron devices, such as ultrathin dielectrics, high-k dielectrics, and ferroelectrics. In addition to the papers on materials and processes of dielectrics for conventional logic devices, the papers for various electron devices including the memory, the power, the analog, the sensor, and the display devices are welcomed. The IWDTF will provide a great opportunity for information exchange and discussions at forefront of the researches on future electron devices. The papers on both experimental and theoretical studies, for the deep understanding of the properties of dielectric films and their interfaces, are welcomed. The workshop will consist of invited and contributed talks. Selected topics of current interests will be reviewed by several invited talks.

Focus Session Topics

  • Functional Thin Films for AI Applications
  • h-BN and 2-Dimensional-Layered Dielectrics

Papers are solicited in, but not limited to, the following area:

  • Emerging Memory and Applications
  •  Advanced Channel Materials
  •  Electrical and Optical Characterization
  •  Functional Oxides and Interface
  •  Channel Technologies
  •  Ferroelectric Thin Films
  •  SiC MOS Device and Processes
  •  Widegap Semiconductor
  •  Interfaces, Materials and Characterizations