Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentation

Total session time Presentation time Discussion time
Keynote 60 min. 50 min. 10 min.
Invited 30 min. 25 min. 5 min.
Regular 20 min. 15 min. 5 min.

BELL — First: Warning (5 min remaining)/ Second: End of speech / Third: End of the discussion.

Audio-Visual Equipment
The following equipment is ready:
*PC (laptop computer, Windows)
*Laser pointer

In case you use your own PC, connection to the projector must be tested before your session starts.
The following cables and adapters are ready:
*HDMI cable
*VGA cable
*Micro-HDMI -> HDMI adaptor
*TypeC-USB -> HDMI adaptor
You are requested to bring necessary adapters.

Poster Presentation:

Size of a poster board is 1,200mm wide and 1,700mm high.

Poster sessions are scheduled on Monday, November 18, 2019 from 17:10 to 19:10. From noon of November 18, you are requested to put your poster on the board before the session starts. Poster boards with identifying labels and pushpins will be available. After the session, you must immediately remove your poster. Please note that after 9:30 of November 19 all remaining posters will be disposed.