Ken Takeuchi (Univ of Tokyo): “Co-design of non-volatile memory devices, circuits and systems in AI era”
Ming Liu (IMECAS):  “Oxide based resistive switching device for memory and computing applications”


Byung Jin Cho (KAIST) : “Anti-Ferroelectric HZO blocking layer in Charge trap Flash Memory Device”
Steven George (Univ of Colorado)  “Thermal Atomic Layer Etching of Dielectric Films and Pathways for Selectivity”
Masahiro Hori
(Shizuoka Univ):
“Charge pumping under electron spin resonance in Si MOSFETs -Identification of interface defects and detection of donor electrons-“
Masaru Izawa
(Hitachi High-Tech) :
“Highly selective thermal-cyclic ALE for conformal etch and recess of thin films”
Jiyoung Kim
(Univ of Texas at Dallas) :
“Effects of Oxidation Reactants of thermal ALD for Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O Films”
Terence Mittmann
(NaMLab gGmbH) :
“Ferroelectric phase stabilization influences HfO2-based device performance”
Norio Tokuda
(Kanazawa Univ) :
“Advances in diamond MOS interface”
Takao Marukame
“Metal-oxide synapse devices and their application to neuromorphic analog circuits”
Kasidit Toprasertpong
(Univ of Tokyo) :
“HfZrO2-based ferroelectric FETs for emerging computing technologies”
Lin-Wang Wang
(Berkeley National Lab) :
“Atomistic plane wave pseudopotential simulations for MOSFET devices”
Xinran Wang
(Nanjing Univ) :
“Ultrathin dielectric integration and reliability on 2D semiconductors”